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A Quick Biography about myself

  1. Profession: Marine Civil/Structural Engineer.
  2. Interests: Playing Guitar, Watching Cricket and programming in Java.
  3. Intense likings: Sleeping on a Sunday afternoon, and eating good tasty, spicy food.

Hi! My name is Prasad V. Rallabhandi. A long time ago, taking a book titled something like "99 things you should do before you die" seriously, I enrolled myself to guitar learning classes. But didn't go too far with my learning. I went for the classes for about three months, had a fight with the teacher (because I felt that he wasn't teaching me much), kept my guitar in a corner and didn't touch it for years. Ten years later I started it again didn't do much again. This was six years ago. But fortunately for me, things improved when my 5 year old daughter started last year to go for Carnatic Music singing lessons. I wanted to help her in her learning (or more likely, take her help for my learning) and we kicked off. Now I am able to play my guitar reasonably well, but I have miles to go.

When I started playing guitar, one of the biggest problems I faced was to measure the duration of notes. Holding the guitar with one hand and playing it the other, I had no facility for taalam (and was blissfully ignorant that a thing called metronome existed). That's when I thought about taking Java's help. I started with something that would give me the measure of note duration, but ended up with the much bigger JCarnatic. And I also know that JCarnatic has miles to go as well.

It goes without saying that I am not an expert in Carnatic Music. I am only a civil engineer, with an interest in programming, and I am a nobody when it comes to Carnatic Music.

Professionally, I completed my Bachelor of Engineering from Osmania University (1984-'88 batch). I have a Master of Technology (Marine Structures) from Karnataka Regional Engineering College in Surathkal (1988-'90 batch). I worked with civil/structural engineering consultancy firms in New Delhi and Dubai. Currenty working for another consultancy company in Perth, Western Australia. My job involves civil/structural designing of port structures, such as jetties and wharves.

My other biggest interest is cricket. My aim is to one day become an umpire (at least for the junior games).

One last thing about the program. Carnatic Music evolved many, many years ago and has been entertaining a lot of people for many centuries. The learning methodology has always remained the same (i.e., learn from a qualified teacher). I firmly believe that the music and the learning methodology should remain as they have been for centuries. I am scared that the day the learning methodology changes, the music itself will undergo a change. Somethings are sacred and should never ever be touched. Carnatic Music and its learning methodology are perhaps the first among them. I beg your forgiveness if I am contradicting my own beliefs and statements by doing a program like JCarnatic. I advise everyone who wants to learn Carnatic Music to learn from a teacher. My/our effort in JCarnatic is to help learners of Carnatic Music. I know I faced problems when I started learning to play Carnatic Music on guitar. JCarnatic's intention is to help those of the younger generation who learn from their teachers, but use JCarnatic as an accompaniment or a practice tool to enhance their learning. That's why the name "Sangeetham NextGeneration" - the good ol' sangeetham for the newer generation.

Copyright © 2010 by Prasad V. Rallabhandi