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Carnatic Music is the South Indian system of music. Its great tradition, rich history and the inherent beauty makes it truly superb and performing / listening provides that special inner feeling of happiness and contentment like none other is able.

While the Guru Sishya Parampara (a student learning from his/her teacher "by the ear") is still the only method of learning Carnatic Music, our effort - through this site - is to help the learners of this great tradition. We have prepared a computer program and named it JCarnatic. You may download the program from these pages, install it and use it for practising what you have learnt from your teacher with the features available in the program.

JCarnatic is a simple computer program based on the Java Programming language and built on Java Music Library JFugue ( This is an open source Carnatic Music teaching / learning tool. In addition to using the program for teaching / learning Carnatic Music, one may also use the included Java classes for developing further applications.

The present version of the program is 1.0.0. This is the first time that the program is published and may be considered a beta version. Expected date for the next (full) version is January 2012. Your suggestions for improvement are welcome and greatfully appreciated.

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